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Our dashboards allow real-time data and metrics to help with key decisions.



One Vision prioritizes client relationships so that we can fully understand your goals and concerns. We partner with project-based companies to identify the solutions that best fit their needs for both short and long-term goals. We strive to gain trust in order to achieve a true partnership and build a lasting relationship. One Vision achieves this by treating your business like our own and ensuring we make our systems efficient so we help you meet your goals. Our relationships with our clients go back to the start of our company in 1997.

Efficiency & Clarity


Our vision is to ensure what you do operationally drives financial transactions. We make processes align with technology to achieve your company goals. Through discovery, we pick the solutions that best meet your company’s needs and show you how to implement them. We want to help you improve your company’s efficiency, clarity and profit. One View, One Direction, One Vision.


Project Success

One Vision has become the leader in providing our clients the ability to have better visibility, greater cost control and improved profitability in all areas of their business. We utilize project tools while applying best practices for implementing systems. Our dashboards allow real-time data and metrics to help with key decisions.  One Vision’s history of successful projects has allowed our partnership with our clients to improve their businesses one project at a time.

Our Leadership Team

Kreg Decker


One Vision’s Founder, Kreg Decker, is best known for his passion for helping small and mid-sized businesses use technology effectively. Kreg uses humor, vision, teamwork, and communication to help clients ease the pain of eliminating ineffective business systems. Kreg is certified in multiple accounting project management CRM and ERP solutions. His technical background as a consultant has been utilized in some of the largest ERP Solutions in the middle market. While he earned his degree in accounting, his experience and certifications are in operations while his true passion is in technology. He has delivered this insightful leadership since he founded this business in 1997. Kreg often speaks to audiences all over the country at business and technology conferences using humor and vision to challenge audiences to embrace new ideas for solving current business challenges.

Jered Cady

Board of Directors

Jered Cady has spent over 55 years in the Information Technology and accounting software business. He started as an IBM-equipment programmer in the Air Force in 1963 and continued in the IT business his entire business life.  He moved on to financial-accounting and project-accounting sales, then marketing, and ultimately to president of a company he co-owned. Jered’s strengths are in marketing and sales strategy and his people skills.

Jim Rowney

Board of Directors

Jim has more than 40 years experience developing and designing ERP and project based business software, including 11 years at Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager and 7 years as at Sage Intacct as a Principal Project Manager.  Currently, Jim is a discovery and implementation consultant for Sage Intacct Project Accounting and Construction Accounting products.

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